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CCRs Featured on Modern Marvels’ “Wood” Episode

Cocktail Class Racers are featured in an episode of the History Channel’s TV series Modern Marvels.  The show, titled “Wood,” was first aired on 19 December 2011.  CLC partially built four different stitch-and-glue CCR kits to different stages of construction prior to filming for the show.  The TV recording crew then videoed work on the different boats as each was taken to the next stage of construction.  The TV editing process provides a sequence of construction that appears to be one hull, built in a day.  Wouldn’t that be nice!  The CCR segment concludes with a short video of the first completed stitch-and-glue CCR during initial test runs.

CLC’s description of the “Wood” episode, along with several pictures of the filming, can be found here.  The show can be watched here if the History Channel hasn’t shifted their lineup recently.  The CCR segment begins near minute-mark 32:00.

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