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6-hp Women’s Racing Most Competitive and Exciting of the Day

The 3rd Annual National Championship Regatta was a huge success and our biggest turnout yet with 34 boats and 48 drivers!  A beautiful day at Rock Hall Yacht Club allowed for 6 hours of racing in all classes.  Once again, the 8 HP class provided great entertainment with about 20 boats racing.  Only 4 of the final 6 boats finished – two flipped, thankfully without injury to driver.  The 6 HP Women’s races were among the most competitive and exciting.  Outstanding racing by everyone!

Note from the Racing Director:  Please note that the Nationals results have been modified.  Several drivers have graciously disqualified themselves from the races after being informed that modified propellers had not yet been formally approved by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors and were therefore in violation of the 2013 Racing and Safety Handbook.  As Race Director for the 2013 Nationals, I want to commend them for their outstanding sportsmanship and good character.  -Gretchen Granbery

Final results may be viewed here:  National Championship 2013 – Final Results.pdf.  Photos have been posted to a new album on the Photo Gallery page titled “National Championship 2013“.  Photos taken by the PropTalk team may be viewed here.  Video footage from a 6 HP Mixed Post-1979 race in Pickled Tink, driven by new member Corbin Fuller, may be viewed here.  An article by the Southside Sentinel in Urbanna, VA may be read here.  Amazing photography by Michael Geagan may be viewed and purchased on his website:

Big thanks to all the volunteers that helped put on this event, and of course, Rock Hall Yacht Club!

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