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2013 Union Lake Regatta

The regatta, held at the Union Lake Sailing & Tennis Club, was thoroughly enjoyed by racers, their supporters, and spectators.  The club’s excellent facilities were wonderful!  All drivers were mindful of the rough water caused by the 18+ mph winds, so the rescue boat wasn’t required (not even to tow in a stalled boat).  Many thanks to Frank Stauss for a gem of a race and to all participants for serious, competitive racing – just ask the women about their special race course…

15 CCRs were raced by 20 drivers.  The most popular class was the 8 HP boats; and for a change, all 8 starters finished their races!  Race results are posted here:  Union Lake 2013 – Final Results.pdf

Two engines came loose during races, one shearing its single hold-down bolt.  Neither driver was happy to have their engine flopping around on their transom during the middle of a race!  Please be mindful of your outboard’s connection to your transom.  CCWBRA already has strong recommendations about securing engines to transoms, but these might become requirements.

An added treat was provided by one of our Richmond-area members who flew to the race in his private plane.  He took up a photographer to take pictures of the races.  These and other race pictures will be able for viewing and purchasing soon at:  Other photos have been posted to the Union Lake 2013 album on our Photo Gallery page.

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