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Great Weather, Great Course, Great Competition, Great Fun

Twenty-five drivers raced nineteen CCRs around a five-turn course, which was made longer for the 8-hp Class.  The eight-boat-length overlap-marker buoys placed in front of the first three turn pins garnered a lot of favorable remarks.  As did the split of the Classic Class into Early (’60 through ’75) and Late (’76 through ’79) Divisions, with two heats required for the many drivers in each division.  The 8s were raced in the morning while the wind was light.  Passing boat traffic was minimal; in fact, our CCRs made most of the boat wakes during the day.  There was a lot of close racing, a lot of smiles, and no flips!  One member remarked that “participants came off the water grinning even if they didn’t win.”

Aside from the standard 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards, several special awards were presented after racing concluded.  The Happy Boat Award was presented to Charlie Iliff for his willingness to loan PropTalk’s #67 Molotov to any CCWBRA member to race at Oktoberfest!  Molotov participated in 9 sets of heats throughout the day with 5 drivers.  The JW Award was given to the Granberys for their unique attire worn at the event!  The Long Distance Award was presented to Sam Wearly who, along with TK Walker, drove 14 hours from Tennessee to participate in their first CCWBRA event.  And finally, the Association’s Burgee Banner, which was used to signal every race start at this event, was presented to Rock Hall Yacht Club for being avid supporters of the CCWBRA and for hosting our regattas.

Robert Edmonds, traveling from Georgia, certainly made his road time worth the effort, winning 3 first place awards throughout the day!  Fred Allerton’s #53 Smokin’ Loon sure was smokin’ late in the day when driven by Dawn Urbani in her CCR racing debut in the Women’s 6-hp Early Classic Division.  She handled the boat well and placed 1st in the class – congratulations Dawn!

Check out all the final results here and take a look through the event’s photo album here.  Once again, we thank all the volunteers, on and off the water, who helped make this event another success!

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