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2nd Annual Governor’s Cup Regatta

The first race of the 2015 Mid-Winter Regatta was hosted by the Smyrna Yacht Club in New Smryna Beach, Florida on 28 February.  There were 22 CCRs, 25 drivers and a large crowd of spectators; an increase from 12 boats and 16 drivers entered in the first Governor’s Cup in 2014.  Temps were in the mid 60s.  Even though there was a light rain in the afternoon, it was a welcomed relief to the snow many had experienced for weeks prior.  (And let’s not forget the heat at SYC’s regatta last August.)

The race course featured a unique design that was liked by all.  Being the first race where keel modifications were allowed, it quickly became apparent safety was greatly improved with fewer prop cavitations and better turning capabilities.  Interestingly, there were no bumping situations even though both modified and unmodified boats competed alongside each other.

Dan Kolassa provided turn-by-turn coverage of each race that was particularly enjoyed by those watching the racing from the dock-side Tiki bar.  Also, as she did last year, Holly Lade proved the ladies in our organization can handle an 8-hp boat quite well!

In addition to the usual 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards, two members received the “JW Award”:  Len Roe for his #37 Jaws and the matching shark-fin helmet, and Steve Brendlinger for his colorfully-coordinated #999 Kamikaze with both motor and driver in an eye-catching “slime green,” as dubbed by Steve.  Robert Edmonds earned the coveted “Lost Award” for improvising while running the challenging Smyrna YC course.

Official race results are here and photos may be viewed here.  For those never having experienced a “flip,” check out Bob Stearns’ GoPro video and watch #19 Smyrna Breeze turn turtle rounding a mark just behind #70 Shaken Knot Stirred.

A special thanks goes to the Smyrna Yacht Club for conducting a well-organized, fun event and for making all the participants feel welcome on their island.

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