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Signs of Spring are in the Air

Cocktail Class Racers are restless and our small boats and engines are slowly emerging from a long hibernation in garages, sheds and basements.  For many of our members, however, the winter has been an active time with much accomplished.  A comprehensive Racing and Safety Handbook has been published, a new and active fleet has grown in Urbanna, Virginia and we have finalized insurance coverage for our regattas and operations.

Thanks to the very hard work of Fred Allerton and Rich Faulkner, we have a new Racing and Safety Handbook for the start of the 2013 racing season.  Available for download from our website, it is the final part of our new safety program and contains all the racing and safety rules and procedures needed to host and safely run races at the both the national and local levels.  Feedback on the handbook will be appreciated as we intend to revise and re-issue it annually based on lessons learned.

A very active group of new members in Urbanna VA, led by Chris Riddick, has formed the CCWBRA’s Urbanna Fleet.  Seven new boats are under construction and expectations are that it will double in size by the end of the year.  In addition, they have been busy with the Urbanna Business Association and the Town of Urbanna planning a major spring regatta.  They will host the “Urbanna Cup” on May 18th which will bring powerboat racing back to Urbanna Creek after a nearly 50 year hiatus.  We anticipate 30 boats and 40 drivers will participate in this inaugural event.

I am happy to announce that we have been able to obtain general liability insurance at a very affordable rate.  The insurance will cover all CCWBRA sanctioned regattas and events and will be in place for the Urbanna Cup this spring.  Contact the Fleet Captain to ensure your race is covered.  The policy covers damage or injury to property, spectators and the general public as a result of CCWBRA activities or member mishaps during a regatta.  It does not however, cover damage or injury to our racers or their boats, therefore waiver of liability forms will always be required.

To ensure there is enough money in our treasury to fund our annual insurance premiums and operations we will need to increase our annual dues from $15 to $25.  Insurance coverage must become a necessary component of our operations if we are to continue as an active racing association.

There have been lively discussions on the Forum as well as individual email exchanges regarding authorized and unauthorized modifications to the design and construction of the Cocktail Class Racer and the use of  pre- and post-1990 6 HP engines.  A formal policy on design and construction deviations has been published but most certainly, additional discussions will be required.  Any decision on 6 HP engines will also require member input and data, so keep tuned-in via the Forum for further information and let us know your positions.  For those attending the Urbanna Cup in May, an open meeting will be held on Friday evening covering at least these topics.  We hope as many members as possible will attend.

See you on the race course.

Grand Poobah, Curt Bluefeld

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