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The CCWBRA’s Racing Handbook is a comprehensive document covering the various aspects of hosting a CCWBRA-sanctioned race event.  Please review this Handbook carefully to ensure you are prepared for a fun and safe day of racing.

CCWBRA Racing Handboook 2019 – New and Updated!

CCWBRA Racing Handbook 2017

The safety of our members is very important to us, which is why we’ve mandated participants at all CCWBRA sanctioned races wear the proper safety gear. Here is a list of approved helmets for the 2016 racing season. Questions may be directed to our Safety Committee Chairman.

Overview of 2015 Helmet Rules

A modified keel is required on all CCRs for sanctioned racing in 2016.  A description of the keel modification is provided in this document.

Mandatory Keel Modification for CCWBRA Sanctioned Racing in 2016

The CCWBRA is governed by our Bylaws.


The CCWBRA Executive Committee officers put together an Annual Report each January for the Board of Directors and membership as an overview of the past year’s events and activities.  You are encouraged to read our past Annual Reports.

CCWBRA Annual Report 2014

CCWBRA Annual Report 2013

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