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Midwinter Regatta 2019

Midwinter Regatta 2019

Thank you all racers, volunteers, and support teams for making the 6th Annual Lake Placid Race a spectacular, fun and safe race day on Lake Apthorpe!  Congratulations to the winners, and all participants!  CCWBRA member skill and sportsmanship was on full display.

Two new faces were welcomed to their first event: Rick Loewen, Regional Fleet Captain for Southeast Region, and Steve Laudenslager. 

Rick’s new boat #500 was christened: “It’s 5:00 O’Clock Somewhere” at the lake on the day before the race.  Rick has agreed to be the Fla/Ga Fleet Captain. 

For a time, we were treated to chilly winds and rough conditions, a rare occurrence at Lake Apthorpe.  Swamp Rocket #28 became swamped in rough water, and driver Steve Laudenslager earned the coveted “Turtle Award”. 

A special “thanks” goes out to Carl Staron and his “people” for providing and manning the Safety Boat and miscellaneous other site accommodations. 


Late Classic Mixed (OMC ’76-’79): 

1st Place:  Tom Kerr (PA) in #46 “Rajic”

2nd Place: Steve Laudenslager (PA) in #28 “Swamp Rocket”

3rd Place:  Frank Vandall (GA) in #112 “Purple Passion”

Late Classic Heavy (200 lbs+):

1st Place:  Cameron Walker (TN) in #46 “Rajic”

2nd Place: Rick Loewen (FL) in #28 “Swamp Rocket”

Post ’79 Mixed:

1st Place:  Steve Brendlinger (PA) in #555 “Triple Nickle”

2nd Place: Tom Kerr (PA) in #46 “Rajic”

3rd Place:  Frank Vandall (GA) in #112 “Purple Passion”

4th Place: Steve Laudenslager (PA) in #28 “Swamp Rocket”

Post ’79 Heavy (200 lbs+):

1st Place:  Todd Steffes (FL) in #555 “Triple Nickle”

2nd Place: Cameron Walker (TN) in #46 “Rajic”

3rd Place:  Rick Loewen (FL) in #112 “Purple Passion”

8HP Mixed:

1st Place:  Steve Brendlinger (PA) in #555 “Triple Nickle”

2nd Place: Fred Allerton in #28 “Swamp Rocket”

3rd Place:  Todd Steffes (FL) in #40 “Hot Toddy”

4th Place: Rick Loewen (FL) in #5:00 “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere”

Look for an article in an upcoming edition of the Highlands Sun Newspaper. 

We look forward to seeing you again next year in Lake Placid!


Fred Allerton and Tom Kerr, Race Directors

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