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Oktoberfest is just around the corner! – a note from the Grand Poobah

Two Weeks to Oktoberfest (October 21) and Year-End Party!

 Hail Cocktail Racers! With the weather cooling down and the leaves beginning to turn it is a perfect time to end our race season in Rock Hall, MD. Please join me on Saturday, October 21 for a full day of racing followed by awards, cocktails and dinner.  This year Sue and I are partnering with the Urbanis to hold the dinner party at our homes in Rock Hall. 

Just 10 minutes from the Yacht Club, there is plenty of parking in the side lot of my home, and we have room for folks to camp Saturday night if you wish. Sue has begun contacting folks for a few dishes, but we’ll provide the grill, meats and beer. 

If you would like to bring a dish, contact Sue at

I look forward to seeing you all in Rock Hall in two weeks.

Todd Steffes

Grand Poobah

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