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Great Racing at Oktoberfest!

Thank you Corinthian Yacht Club and Rich Faulkner for hosting and coordinating the event.  We had 26 drivers in 5 classes with the 6 HP Classic the biggest ever.  Like Rock Hall, we had a mooring field to consider in setting the course but we managed a more gradual turn at the first mark which helped considerably by reducing the chaos we’ve had in some of the previous races.  The river gave us some trouble at the end of the day.  At the change of tide, we had a 3 knot current running against a 15 knot wind and the debris in the water scared enough drivers to hold up the starts.  The seas continued to build during the 8 HP finals and the last race was cancelled because the boats were more airborne than planing.  It put new meaning to Russ Bowler’s “The Flying Kiwi”.  Check out the Photo GalleryMichael Geagan’s photos from the event, and the race results:  Oktoberfest 2013 – Final Results.pdf.

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