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Action On & Off the Race Course

The 2014 KIYC Regatta was another successful and fun CCWBRA event!  The weather cooperated:  not too hot, not too humid, and especially nice was the relative lack of wind and associated rough water.  Lots of action off the course, too, as more drivers fell out of or off of their CCRs while not racing than while racing!!  A nameless driver for the Glue Factory did become the first woman to flip a CCR, but that occurred during a practice turn.  In all, 38 drivers competed in 25 CCRs.  Three other CCRs, including gorgeous #42, Shooter, by new member Todd August, were present but didn’t compete.  Ten first-time racers competed, not including Deb Loveys, from Atlanta, whose only previous event was the Lake Placid, FL, demo race.  And we had a youngster complete his last requirement to become the first person to qualify for our Youth Class racing!

As with the first two KIYC Regattas, the Kent Island Yacht Club was very gracious to our members.  Racers camped on beautiful grounds in both tents and pop-up campers and one of the yacht club’s volunteers camped in his RV.  We got to use the pool and facilities and the Awards Ceremony was held inside.  Racing results are here; photos are here; and a video of one of the 6 HP races is here.  The sequence of racing was:  Classic 6s, Women, Mixed, Heavy; Post-1979 6s, Women, Mixed, Heavy; Eights; and coached Youth Class.

Special mention should go to all the volunteers who worked during the Regatta so the drivers could race.  Some were interested KIYC members, some were racers, and many were racers’ family members.  Not including those that worked before race-day, there were at least 21 volunteers working this event!  A big thanks to everyone for making this event another success for the CCWBRA!

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